Reconnect Vancouver

Our proposal to inspire Vancouver’s Green Enterprise District.
Two bridges.
Both inhabited.

One providing a physical connection that unites communities.
The other instigating a programmatic change that sustains an enterprising community.
The first bridge is a physical bridge. The SkyLine connects north and south and literally supported by containers for creative green enterprise – the start ups that grow out of the Great Northern Way campus, the digital media centre and sustainable food production. The bridge itself is a transformational connector and a conduit for people, energy and data within the green enterprise district (GED). It is made of affordable, recycled materials and components; pragmatically constructed off site and shunted over the tracks to minimise railway downtime. Its spectrum of colour organises the GED and dances across the skyline.

The second bridge is a programmatic bridge – Enterprise Way. The policy of no residential is stifling progress within the GED. In the central strip alongside the SkyLine and a transformed sustainable boulevard (connecting to False creek and Science World) we propose an injection of mid rise residential space above green workspace to create a mixed use environment that allows the green enterprise district to flourish. The residential is what injects crucial finance into the green infrastructure and public realm upgrade. Specifically it will finance a new Sky Train station and the SkyLine.

The SkyLine will help green shoots to turn into bigger branches – a variety of larger footprint green and clean tech light industrial premises whose scale and function is determined by their relation to domestic or freight railway lines. In the meantime 2012 trees planted in 2012 will create an urban forest that instantly helps define a more desirable, healthier environment for working than at current.