Nottingham Science Park

Science parks can be very very boring. There are many examples where the design of the buildings are purely driven by efficient office space planning, building economics and fire strategy. These buildings are designed without any concern for/interaction with the aesthetic parkland within which they sit. They are conservative in design, interchangeable, featureless, soulless, anonymous and hopeless. Landscaping is suburban, predictable, season-free and unnatural.

With Blueprint we have created a socially responsible science park focused on research, development and embryonic business. An outward looking place that embraces and feed its surroundings. The science park delivers a water meadow and giant lily pad boardwalk opening a natural link from university boating lake to the ecology of Dunkirk Pond. Science parks can be fun!

Two of five parcels have been delivered. No.1 Nottingham Science Park has so far attracted 4 Energy (a low energy cooling systems company) and LED (a specialist in low energy liquid crystal lighting) and Changan (the biggest automotive manufacturer in China) who will be proprotyping advanced transmission systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. The second plot is occupied by the Highfields Automotive Centre.

The project has won numerous awards for design excellence including the UK Science Park Association Award 2009 for innovative design in environmental sustainability.