East Croydon Masterplan

East Croydon station is the second busiest interchange station in the UK (behind Clapham Junction) and the eighth most used station in the UK.  We prepared a destination plan that encompasses the knitting together of two major developments coming forward, one on either side of the station. Not an easy task. 

The resolution lay within the understanding of each parties requirements and marrying these with the technical constraints of any transport interchange. This was an opportunity to make the station (the 7th busiest in the UK) into the central hub it needs to be, rather than allowing the private developments to divide and dilute the public realm.

The project has seen us exploring the feasibility of building a station concourse on a raft over the railway lines, allowing for extra track capacity, and also the introduction of two more platforms. Outside the station we have designed a seamless and well integrated interchange with trams, buses, taxis and bikes together with better arrangements for pedestrians.

We have now been retained to design the first phase of the masterplan, a
£20m new station bridge connection and public realm enhancement to link the three portions of the site together and permanently reorientate the local urban fabric.