Tolworth Broadway

Studio Egret West have unveiled an ambitious and innovative scheme to revitalise Tolworth Broadway.

Phase one of the £2.1 million scheme will have three key elements:1. Removing the central barriers – creating a street layout that removes the dominance of vehicles and makes it easier for pedestrians to cross the road at any point they choose. 2. Creating a ‘Greenway’ – transforming the central reservation into an eye-catching, uncluttered space where people can walk and cycle. This ‘greenway’ will be the most striking feature of regeneration project. 3. The Green Bowl – Providing road-level pedestrian crossings and improving the footbridge over the A3 to create a more welcoming space. The new ‘Greenway’ will meander its way through this new space, continuing its journey down Kingston Road and linking the new-look Broadway with the train station and open spaces of Kings Georges Field and Tolworth Court Farm.

In 2009, SEW won a design tender competition with over fifty entrants and have been commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kingston as designers for public realm improvements of the Tolworth Broadway.

Tolworth Broadway is presently a visually congested, car dominated environment. The A3 corridor separates the Broadway from the train station. Features like Seifert’s Tolworth Tower and a plethora of shops are let down by poorly used space in the middle of the street with safety measures that conspire to make the street less safe for pedestrians.

With a limited budget of 1.9 million in construction costs, three major moves have been identified that will make the biggest impact and unlock the major problems of the Broadway: Removing the Central Barriers. Allowing pedestrians to cross the road more easily and reducing vehicular dominance. Creating a ‘Greenway’ – Transforming the central reservation into a strong visual element where people can walk and cycle. Improvement Crossing the Roundabout. Providing surface crossings and improving the bridge over the A3 to create better connections to the station and leisure facilities. An artistically striking green surfaced greenway will become the first step towards a consistent and calm streetscape where traffic isn’t the main priority. This will become the glue that holds Tolworth together!