Islington Town Hall

Upper Street Stitch is one of eight public spaces highlighted for enhancement in the A1 Corridor to Community Strategy. It is an opportunity to demonstrate combined thinking and collaborative works between Transport for London and the London Borough of Islington, the delivery of two shared agendas on the Council own doorstep.

The ambition is to provide a high quality urban public space delivered with simple and robust materials. Our fundamental concept was to make a seamless black and white space, to reflect and extend the architecture and materials of the Town Hall across the street.

A civic space that reflects the historical and architectural features of the Town Hall, providing a quality setting for formal events and adaptable facilities to meet the boroughs needs. A community living room that acts as a cultural heart to the borough, hosting events and providing transitionary seating and meeting points, whilst allowing people to safely cross the road and orientate themselves.

Studio Egret West detailed the design to Stage D at which point Transport for London delivered the project with their term contractor.