The concept of a “Bromley North Village” quarter was developed within the Bromley Town Centre Area Action Plan. London Borough of Bromley together with Design for London appointed Studio Egret West to provide design proposals to inform the future public realm strategy for Bromley North Village.  Studio Egret West is delighted to have gained public and councillor support for the scheme and look forward to implementation in 2013.

The aim of the project is to re-vitalise Bromley North Village through the development and implementation of public realm improvements that create usable pedestrian footway spaces along with legible, safe and comfortable crossings. It will also support the economic renaissance of the area, acting as a catalyst to promote inward investment and integrate the area back into the main commercial heart of the town. Particular emphasis has been placed on the promotion of independent retailers including specialist food shops to add to the variety of the retail offer in the town centre. Three key areas to the scheme include:

Reinvent the High Street as a safe, comfortable and most importantly, enjoyable place to walk through to increase the footfall that it needs to stimulate its re-vitalisation into a the retail centre for the village, filled with the independent stores that cater the everyday lives of the local community. 

Completing the Square by improving pedestrian crossings is the key to re-connecting the village back to the town centre. The opportunity to resurface Market Square in a coherent fashion should also be taken.

Create a new order on East Street where cars share space with people and pedestrians take priority to set the scene for a thriving precinct with outdoor dining,  an active night time economy and specialist food retail.