Earls Court

The challenge at Earls Court is to create a wonderful new London district that is a contemporary expression of the best features of the city. Our starting point was to explore the best features of the city. To try and discover the essence of what makes London “London”.

Then to take these attributes, whether elements or atmospheres, and amplify them to meet contemporary demands of commercial viability, spatial flexibility and community acceptability. Then to agglomerate them into the most fantastic framework that is more of a collective, well-crafted collage than a single-handed “master”-plan. 

Our vision seeks to capture the inherent contradictions and complexity of London; its delights and its imperfections, its set pieces and its organic growth, its grand scale “big moves” and the less obvious more intimate, almost “hidden” places – to deliver London PLUS. Classic “London” offers a five to eight storey datum that contains and comforts. Contemporary “London PLUS” should offer this discernible five to eight storey datum before elegantly reaching up towards the sky. The scheme is about creating a plethora of public, semi-public and semi-private space that means that this district can become synonymous with “green”. But with a balance in favour of semi-public and semi-private space that creates and retains value and exclusivity for residents but visually shares it for the benefit of all. 

Our vision seeks a framework that performs on three stages: National, London and Local. London within the World; West London within London; Earls Court and West Kensington within West London. All three are idiosyncratic and multi-layered. So our vision is idiosyncratic and multi-layered.