Newman Place

The site is formed from a whole city block spanning from street to street east to west. The urban design responds to this by creating a new street, providing a new route from one destination to another along with shops taking advantage of the footfall. To compliment this dynamic space there is a place to dwell, a new square for eating, drinking and just sitting to take a break form the rush of London – an urban oasis. The centre piece in the square is a new foodhall and restaurants, somewhere to explore on foot, but also to stop and sit.

A large black brick clad building forms the centrepiece with 250 homes configured around a south facing courtyard. Access to the homes is raised above large retail and restaurant spaces. The roof line is animated with a modern translation of the traditional mansard roof, which forms a distinctive skyline for this important site near a mobility hub.

The foodhall is located at the ground floor of a mirrored building reflecting the movement on the streets of London. With apartments above command views over the new streets and squares below.

Underneath the entire development is a service and car parking basement. Taking advantage of af existing excavations this provides the back of house areas leaving the ground floor free for retail and restaurant space.