Sofia Metro

The Station we designed for the Sofia Metro competition picked up on some of the iconic materiality of the Capital, delivered through the organic nature of the station roof and the quality of pedestrian experience that transcends the pragmatic requirements of the Metro Station. 

We started this project with two main ambitions.

The first was to create at street level a structure that as presence and reflects the modernity of this new metro infrastructure. Inspired by the roof of the Sofia Basalica, the structure reflects the golden and green oxidisation materiality of the coupolas. The convex soffits draw the pedestrian eyes down into the depth of the concourse and the station platform below. The drama of this new infrastructure is allowed to come alive at street level rather than remaining hidden. At night, through the transparency of the glazed conopy sides, the warm golden light of the station below is allowed to glow at the street surface.

The second ambition was to reverse the emotion and bring deep in the bowels of the station the presence of the street and the sky. The “alien” subterranean world of the Metro is softened by sunlight, glimpse of nature and the humanity of pedestrians at street level. Passengers find themselves naturally guided upwards towards the daylight beacons above.