Clapham Library

At Clapham One, our fundamental objective is to bring the community together and to empower individuals. To help themselves, whether it is learning to read, pursuing hobbies, expanding their knowledge or seeking a job. To achieve this the library needs to be more than a place full of books. It has to be playful in the sense that it doesn’t feel like home.

We have designed the library as a very public building with a distinct identity that sits underneath a very private building full of the most desirable homes.

Our concept for the library embodies a spiral design of seamlessly connected spaces. The openness and flexibility of the central space allows it to be transformed into a performance space, where the open spiral ramp offers visitors a great view of any performance. The spiral represents a path of seamless learning, that connects a multifunctional building in a way that has not been seen before.

Above the library we have designed 136 apartments in three linked buildings with fantastic views and terraces. Behind the library will be a Primary Care Centre which includes two separate facilities, the Clapham Family Practice and a Primary Care Trust Resource Centre. We are on site with a completion date of Spring 2012. The Library Building was a recent Project Winner in the long standing Housing Design Awards 2010.